Reduce Lawsuits and Save Time with Online Seller Disclosures

Ditch that awful PDF and give your clients a user-friendly interface that efficiently guides them through official disclosure forms and ensures nothing gets missed.


Select the forms you want completed and invite your sellers (in person or remotely)


Review responses together and generate final PDFs in zipForm


Client is guided step-by-step through each question, ensuring nothing is missed


How it Works

Sooooo much better than PDFs...

Easier for clients

 •  Step-by-step interface

 •  Inline help content

 •  Automatic addenda

 •  Attach images and documents

 •  Mobile-friendly

 •  "Flag for review" feature

 •  Built-in branching logic



 •  Send forms faster

 •  Email alerts for client activity

 •  Unlimited revisions

 •  Team-level sharing

 •  zipForm® integration

 •  No missed questions

 •  No missed explanations

 •  No illegible handwriting

 •  Complete audit trail

 •  SSL encryption

 •  Private and secure

Efficient for agents



Stops lawsuits



Glide is a very intuitive and helpful tool. My clients, transaction coordinator and I appreciated how convenient it is.

Yulia Mitchell, Zephyr Real Estate

I found it simple to use and an absolute must for clients who can’t make it to a face-to-face meeting… Even in the case they can make a face-to-face meeting, I will probably still make Glide part of our disclosure review process. I felt that the interface made for a better client experience then trying to send handwritten forms back-and-forth and potentially explain that there is missing information over the phone. Also, I felt that the seller spent more time reading the questions and answering things more thoroughly, which will provide more thorough and accurate information for buyers.

Ruth Krishnan, Paragon  

Awesome program. I had two clients complete the disclosures accurately, in a very detailed manner and all applicable questions were answered, not overlooked like frequently happens when the forms are completely manually. 

Alan Morcos, Pacific Union

It was very easy and straightforward. I also received an email from glide as soon as seller open and accepted the invitation to fill in the forms electronically through Glide. Very good info. I also like the fact that I can monitor the progress. Very useful indeed!

Denis Lancerin, Vanguard

My first experience with Glide was amazing.  My client is an absentee owner. She and I were able to work through the seller disclosures process very efficiently.  Glide has streamlined the seller disclosure process and I appreciate that it makes the paperwork process easier for my sellers.

Bethany Patten, Pacific Union

Designed to be Delightful

Full-Featured Disclosure Forms

PSAR Benefit


zipForm Integration

Unlimited transactions



Full-Featured Disclosure Forms

zipForm Integration

Unlimited transactions



Additional Forms

Dashboard views

Team-level Controls

I like to sit down with my client in person to complete disclosures. Can I still use Glide Forms?

Yes, absolutely. Glide still offers your clients many benefits for in-person completion including the ability to type responses, attach files, flag questions for review and easily update responses later. Contact for access to your own agent URL you can use to initiate the Glide Forms experience for your client on your own device if needed.  

I already use DocuSign for these forms.  Isn't that good enough?

DocuSign and other eSignature tools were designed for just that, eSignatures.  The do allow clients to add text to PDF documents electronically.  However, when it comes to filling out complex forms such as seller disclosures, they include virtually none of the compliance and user-experience benefits listed above.  Give Glide a try and we're confident you will never want to back to this method again.  

How can I manage Glide Forms for my entire brokerage?

We offer several brokerage-level features in our team edition (currently in Beta).  Email for more information.  

What forms are currently available in Glide Forms?

Find the complete list here.  

Does Glide integrate with SkySlope or other Transaction Management tools?

Glide integrates with zipForm Plus®, which in turn allows you to sync your documents seamlessly with many other leading transaction management tools.  Once your Glide and zipForm accounts are linked, documents will always appear in both places making it easy to send them for signature or import them to your TMS.  

How does Glide Forms work with zipLogix®?

Once your client has completed their disclosure forms, you will be asked to authenticate in order to link your zipLogix® and Glide accounts. Once your accounts have been linked, completed PDF documents will be available to you both inside zipForm® and inside your Glide account. You will only need to link your account one time, making it quick and easy to get completed disclosure documents into your zipForm® account.  


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